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Graduation May 2013


There are very many moments in life which are worth relishing upon. One of them is graduation day. All though students graduate every month here but every graduation ceremony is unique in their own sense.  Swamiji graced the occasion himself. We were blessed by his kind blessings and prasad,

This graduation was special in many respects..

1. Respected Swamiji was present to grace the occasion

2. We had two students ( Katee and Satya) who were here for almost 3 months

3. One of the students (Kat Bickert ) completed her 6 months Advanced Course

4. Students got Yoga teachers training, therapy and Ayurveda certificates.


Ashram life 7.0


Beyond Yoga

As far as I have spent my time in the ashram, what I feel is that..it’s not just about yoga. Obviously Yoga the best and the most important part but with that comes up a lot of vivid kind of experiences…


Change in perspective:  It’s the old water and glass logic, either you see it half empty or half full. You can’t say anything until you experience it yourself. In India, your mind set changes.. western logics, theories don’t apply here. India is a land of mystery but in the same time it’s one of the fastest growing economies in the world.


Can you imagine.. how big the car is??? it’s logically impossible for everyone to sit. BUT WE DID…


where on earth you will see people worshiping a Machine?… yes we do it, PROUDLY!

Cultural Experiences:  In the ashram you experience the inter mixing of different cultures from around the globe. Seriously, after living here for almost one year… I can tell the your country of origin my just listening to your voice. And of course I had the opportunity to taste the most delicious of all flavours from every corner of the world..Italian, American, French, Spanish, south American… yummy!  





Time for some yummy yummy food! Smile



I can smell it from here…..  Am I the only one who’s feeling hungry again?


Spirituality: I believe that spirituality can’t be explained, it can only be experienced. I mean, this is not something anyone can teach…. you have to get it through your own ways. Living in ashram does provide an environment for that.






You may not see me in these pictures but I can definitely tell you one genuine fact… I HAVE GOT FRIENDS ALL OVER THE WORLD.. And I feel myself lucky enough to be part of a global family.

Mahendra Kumar

Courtesy- Beth, Crisaide, Mai, Jiaranai and all my friends!

The Yogic Excursion

The Yogic Excursion

I believe Yoga isn’t just a science it’s a way of life.. to be more precise, it’s a journey towards thyself. It’s said that you learn more while traveling a particular distance compared to reading a book of the same length.  People travel for a lot of reasons… some travel to find themselves, some travel to find out new places, some just travel….. passionately!

I believe Yoga is closely related to traveling as in Yoga you dive inwards in search of your deep inner self. Traveling also provides you almost the same kind of experience. Here are the moments from the Ashram Archives which illustrates the YOGIC EXCURSION.

Are you ready for a trip???

Paramanand meditation center ( near a waterfall)


Cave temples

Art work of millions of hands!

The birthplace of the planet mars

A walk to Remember….

Waterfall during monsoon

Burcu, in Paramanand Ashram in Ujjain

Time to practice some Yoga..

Team Paramanand, The non-Yoga Staff. Seriously you guys know more about Yoga than ourselves..

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Courtesy:  Burcu SErpil, Christina Maj Kofad, Laurel, Marie, Arjun and Jurie.

Author – Mahendra Kumar
Paramanand Ashram

Graduation Smile


The smile on your face when you graduate is hugeeeeeee. Lets see what happens on graduation day in Paramanand Ashram.

Yoga teachers training


More and more pictures are welcomed. If you are a fellow student of the ashram. Please feel free to share your graduation pic.
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Yoga Teacher Training India


It’s said that a picture is can speak more than a 1000 words. well, here is the entire collection of the most memorable moments everyone shared in the ashram. Enjoy and share it if you like it.