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Param Garden – where yoga and nature meets


Garden is and always has been an integral part of the ashram. A lot of karma yoga and spiritual power kept the plants alive during the hot Indian summer. And now the garden is in full bloom.

Let me take you the ashram garden.

We have a specially built medicinal garden designed and conceptualized by Nidia Carolina MerinoWells, Natasha and Tanya.

All the Kama Yogis. Who gave their time and hard work for the Garden. Whatever it is today it’s because of the virtue of selfless work and devotion.

Edited and Pictures by-  Mahendra Kumar


Karma Yoga at it’s best

Karma Yoga at it’s best
Karma Yoga

Art work by Erin and Christianne

Suryanamaskar by Adrian, Nicola foxe, and Jayne

Ashram Garden

Gardening by Sarah, Amanda and Radka

View from the ashram

Om by Christina Maj Kofod

Om in Making.

Compiled and Edited by Mahendra