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Spring is here..the best place and time to do meditation


After a chilly winter …..spring is back in action. Paramanand Ashram is back with numerous flowers. This post is for everyone to take a break and checkout how ashram looks in Spring. I don’t know about you but for me even watching these flowers is a kind of meditation too. Perhaps now is best place and time to do Meditation.

spring season

Spring season

Spring in the ashram

Sunflowers the hard work of Jeferson, Nigora, Kalyan, Mahesh and Many other students


This reminds me of Hidimba ji 🙂


Without any fragrance but still beautiful.


Pictures by Mahendra Kumar

Pictures of Paramanand Ashram
Yoga Teacher Training Center in India


Orientation cum Disorientation


You have been oriented for years. You have been told to follow a particular routine throughout your life. You been busy chasing your dreams forever. But now it’s time for disorientation. It’s time you break up your physical shackles and fly free.
Every month we welcome our students to a new life changing experience.a game changer, shift of paradigm. “Technically everyone calls it Orientation but we call it “DIKSHARAMBH”
We welcome all our students, hope you break-free!


Here is one of the coolest video of the ashram ever made. By – Benny Holtzer

Staff writer

“Bliss Times” News Letter Volume 108, Part II


1. Hong Kong Workshop : Attended by over 2 dozen participants. Majority were Yoga Teachers.

2. Taipei Visit : Overwhelmed. Mostly yoga teachers took the benefits from this event and learnt

the insight of yoga therapy.

3. Visit to Mathuradevi College Students : A seva for Studnets to be awakened for Yoga and


4. Parmanand Ashram and Meditation Center: On auspicious day of Full Moon day, Datta  Jaiyanti,  December10th,

2011, Foundation laying

Ceremony and Land Purification Ceremonies were performed by Swami Paramand Giriji Maharaj.

Swamiji was welcomed and respected by many prominent personalities of the State and local bodies.Professionals,

Industrialists, Politicians, and Devotees.

Program was performed by 11 International Students of Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research.

They performed Bliss Yoga Dance, Images and Erin performed beautiful solo dance on Dholak .

In this Ashram and Meditation Center following buildings are proposed:

1. Yoga and Meditation Halls,

2. Meditation Huts

3. Residential Complex

4. Ayurveda Gardens

First phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

Swamiji blessed and told the gatherings,

“There are different levels and steps towards Ultimate Yoga..

Lowest Level:    Visiting Spiritual places

Medium Level : Study Scriptures

Higher Level : Meditation

Highest Level: Sahaj (Spontaneous)

Paramanand Meditation Center has two meanings:

Paramanand is is my name is one thing but more important is its meaning with essence:

Param means : Supreme

Anand means : Bliss

So he gave his blessings that Paramanand Mediation Center will lead you to Ultimate Bliss.

Omanandji guided meditation to all the gathering and told that all should practice meditation daily.