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Karma Yoga in the ashram


Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita said “A person who has given up all desires for sense gratification, who lives free from desires, who has given up all sense of proprietor ship and is devoid of false ego- he alone can attain total peace.” Karma Yoga is selfless work the work which you do without wishing for any fruitful desires. Here are the one of the best examples of Karma Yoga in the Ashram completed in the month of October 2013.

karma yoga

By Monique Clark

Karma yoga

By- Jeferson Gerardi

Compiled by- Mahendra Kumar

Yoga Teacher Training India Center


Karma Yoga at it’s best

Karma Yoga at it’s best
Karma Yoga

Art work by Erin and Christianne

Suryanamaskar by Adrian, Nicola foxe, and Jayne

Ashram Garden

Gardening by Sarah, Amanda and Radka

View from the ashram

Om by Christina Maj Kofod

Om in Making.

Compiled and Edited by Mahendra