Nada Anusandhan


O Nada Anusandhan, Salutation to you, you are the means to attain the

Essence and the Supreme Abode. With your grace my mind and breath dissolves in the Supreme Abode of Vishnu. ||4||

Nada Anusandhan comprises of two Sanskrit words. Nada means the ordinary sound to the sound of consciousness, ॐ. Anusandhāna means investigation or inquest of the supreme sound. Nada Anusandhan is an awakening and dissolving process of individual self with Supreme Self. Through Nada how one can connect individual energy to the supreme energy can be termed as Nada Anusandhan. There are many classical examples and evidences that through Nada Anusandhan one can easily attain the self-enlightenment or the ultimate yoga (union). Ultimate Union is very difficult and rarest happening in one’s life. But this process is very effective, easy and rewarding to attain the goal.

When we succeed in accomplishing one of the most difficult missions, we extend our heartiest thanks and gratitude to the one who helped in achieving the goal.

Adi Shankara Acharya extends his full respect, honour and gratitude to Nada Anusandhan. He is not saying that Nada Anusandhan is a dead or unconscious process or ordinary technique. He has offered his deepest salutation as if, Nada Asnusandhan is a live and conscious being, and who is much higher than an individual. That is why he also places Nada Anusandhan on the top of the list of one hundred thousand laya techniques.

Vishnu Pada is the highest abode of consciousness. Lord Vishnu is not an ordinary statue or deity but is symbol of supreme consciousness. Vishnu is the sustainer of the creation. Vishnu is said to be the originator of the creation. Vishnu is beyond the trigunas on a consciousness level. Pada means the feet or step. Whenever someone is at the refuge or love with somebody it is experienced that we should surrender to his or her lotus feet, to conquer the heart of our beloved. This allows one to merge or dissolve with the supreme. Successful Nada Anusandhan led us to the lotus feet of Vishnu, the consciousness.

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