Yoga and traveling in India


Now this is interesting… Yoga! and that too in India cool. BUT this isn’t something for which you just pack your bags and leave. It takes months of preparation and planning. Based on my research; I have gathered some important instructions which is advisable while pursuing your journey of the lifetime.

1. Select the yoga school very careful. Cross check their credential on yoga alliance website.

yoga teacher training

2. As per my interaction lots of yoga teachers. Prefer not to go to a place having hundreds of students every month. You will miss out on the one on one interaction with teachers which is very vital. And believe me when I say it, I have spent two years with yoga teachers and students I know that this kind of intellectual interaction is better than 1000 hours of yoga exercises.

yoga India

3. Now selecting a city is also very vital. I have been to both kerala and Rishikesh. Both cities are beautiful and famous for yoga and Ayurveda. But if you forgot to check weather before coming then it would be a mess. Rishikesh isn’t a good choice in Winter and in rainy season. While Kerala isn’t good for summer. Central India is very hot in summers however rest of the time it’s fine.

4. Now after selecting the place next is the booking of the flight ticket. Now this isn’t a big issue for globe trotters but for few it is very vital. It always helps, asking for assistance from the place which you are going to attend as sometimes there are offers which are only known to members of some clubs, travel sites etc.

5. Now, after reaching is local means of traveling.  Airports won’t take you everywhere. Sometimes you need to take bus or trains etc.  It’s very important to book train ticket very early. And here is something very important tip:

  • International credit/debit cards won’t work on official Indian railway website but if you find a way to create a account in the website then you can use cleartrip to book Indian train tickets. Cleartrip accepts foreign cards.
  • For bus : Use  . It offers a facility of cash on delivery.  Book the ticket online and pay cash to the delivery guy who delivers the ticket at your place.

6: Language: However in most of the cities, people do understand little bit of english. But if you know any language other than english then better find a friend who know any regional language or english.

7. India offers a whole lot of adventures and surprises but make sure you are ready for it.  Each and every place is known some something different. Every 100 km languages change, food habits change. North is famous for mountians and south for beaches.

8. Minor suggestions:

  • Travel in AC compartments in trains whenever possible.
  • Always carry water with you.
  • Inform your yoga school/hotel know when you are reaching India so that they can make arrangements for you from the airport.

Mahendra Kumar
staff writer
Yoga teacher training school India
Paramanand Ashram


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