What is Meditation, a Geek’s perspective!


Before you read this post I must tell you that I am not an expert in the field of meditation and this post is just from an observer’s perspective and in this case I can assure you I have seen hundreds of yogis crying, laughing and playing like kids  in front of meSmile.

I have been working in the ashram for more than two years now and I have seen many yogis coming and going and it has a delightful experience to meet people from different backgrounds, countries, religions in one place and this gives me an edge over others when it comes to this particular subject matter. And by the way I have attended a few meditation classes guided by one of my favourite persons in this whole freaking planet. And god, even Google can’t find words to describe that experience.

So back on subject. What I have observed until now is the fact that meditation is definitely not a simple mental exercise and frankly speaking you do hell of a job while in meditation. Imagine a bullet coming out of James Bond’s pistol…. freaking fast right?? of course billions were invested in that movie.Open-mouthed smile  And now imagine slowing down that bullet with YOUR MIND. Now that’s the kind of job you do while in meditation. Perhaps slowing down your brain is the toughest job in the planet and you thought working for NASA is difficult. LOL


I have seen people crying: People tend to re-live their past experiences. In this case it is most liberating. You find the most suitable shoulder to cry on, your OWN.

I have seen people laughing like kids: People tend to cherish the brighter side of their lives. Sometimes people want to celebrate their feats but they don’t find appropriate persons to share that news( Happened to me, recently. I was on top of the world but didn’t had anyone to share it Sad smile  ) . In this case you find the best buddy to share that, your own inner-SELF.

I have seen people dancing: Well dance is one of the most fulfilling thing anyone can do when happy or ANGRY. Don’t forget lord Shiva’s dance. When he dances, he is not the person you would like to see.

I have seen people forgetting their own language: Last year I had this experience of meeting a girl who forgot her own mother tongue after meditation, of course she was back to normal in 30 minutes… I mean we call a language our mother tongue for a reason right, you can never forget it. BUT SHE DID and I saw that with my own eyes. Even I wouldn’t have believed it if I would have heard that from someone else. I am still searching reasons for this……..

There are several ways of doing meditation, method really doesn’t matter. You would cry anyway…..kidding! Smile
You can do meditation while looking at the stars ( which is my favourite past time). Something you love to do and never think twice before doing that without any expectation is a form of meditation. I am having fun writing this post… this is a kind of meditation too.

The things which does matter is the fact whether you are ready to have a roller coater ride and be without seat belts. You can be thrown either way but results are worth LIVING FOR. technically speaking the only thing you need is a will power to give it a try and a strength to carry on when you know the guy beside is snoring like hell. Oops I know who was snoring last time. Smile


Mahendra Kumar
Staff Writer

Video by Benny Holtzer

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