Journey of a lifetime!


I have a met a lot of travelers from every of the world. For some traveling is fun, some travel to see different cultures,  some travel to see various forms of nature and some travel to discover themselves. Well Yoga isn’t different at all… you don’t believe me?? let me explain!

1. While traveling you explore the world. In yoga you explore yourself which is technically a whole freaking world in itself.


2. While traveling you interact with various people. In yoga you interact with different versions of your own self, negative and positive. Watch yourself while meditation you will understand what I am trying to say.
yoga traveling

3. While traveling you experience the miracles of nature. In Yoga you witness your own body which is in fact nothing short of a miracle 🙂


4. Traveling opens your mind ( sort of) and Yoga does the same, if you haven’t tried meditation then do try! It will blow your mind…literally!


You traveling plans, vacation may end at some point but the journey of yoga is for life.. That’s why I call Yoga a journey of a lifetime towards thyself.

Mahendra Kumar
Staff Writer


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