Some Yoga Formulas


some Yoga formulas:
The imbalance in the energy causes imbalances in the body and mind so be careful of the following things:
1. In the morning when you wake up, can take ordinary water(usha paan) instead of tea. If, you are suffering from constipation take Amla juice (2 spoons) in hot water with little jiggery. If, you have diabetes then instead of jiggery put black salt.

2. In the beginning days of practicing yoga, before going to bed drink turmeric mixed in hot milk and if you don’t have diabetes then you can put sugar in it as well.

3. Before going to the bed you can do lighter exercises of the legs and stomach.

4. While lying down on bed bring awareness on your breath and leave your whole body loose, This will reduce thoughts and will have deeper and better sleep.

5. Before going to bed leave all the tensions and say that when I wake up only then I will deal with them. (Too many thoughts means you are trying to control the future, but in realty, no one can control the future)

If you are not able to understand this and you want to try this practically yourself then you can contact Paramanand Institute of yoga. Address is given below:
Paramanand Ashram
Khandwa Road,Indore, MP 452020, India; 91-731-3261742


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