Yoga isn’t just an excercise



Sometimes people (like myself Smile)  confuse Yoga with Exercise. There might be a few similarities but there is no way in hell, the Sea and a pond can be same just because they both contain water. I was pondering about a few things here is the list.

1. In YOGA your mind also involved  if you know what I mean?? Not just physically but spiritually too.

2. In Yoga “Awareness” is more important that ABS and Biceps.. Smile with tongue out


3. Instead of strong muscles you work hard to make your SOUL strong. Muscles do come in as Halloween gifts!

4.After exercise you feel exhausted whereas after yoga you feel refreshed.


5. Technically speaking yoga is the only work out you can do without even moving an inch.


If you think there are other things you might wanna mention. Write in the comment section. I would update the post as soon as possible.

Author- Mahendra Kumar


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