Ashram Life


Ashram is a place where the morning starts not with an Alarm clock but with AWARENESS 🙂

Ashram is a place where you not just stay for one month or two… You stay here forever through the walls you drew your imagination onto, through the plants you planted and through the memorable moments you shared….

Here is an another glimpse of Ashram life:

Paramanandji Maharaj with Guruji

Guruji with Swami Paramanandji Maharaj


Superman of Ashram

Friendship beyond borders….

Early morning practice in a nearby Park

Divya’s Asana Class

Theory class in progress

Time to learn some Indian dishes…


One of the most famous Monuments of Indore

Fans of our Superman

Lioness in action (Singhasana)

Healing Touch

Dinner time in ashram

Editor: Mahendra Kumar

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  1. I love to have news of how the life in the Ashram is, I have bought my flight tickets and getting ready for a great experience in October

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