Marvelous March


Two days are never same in the ashram. Everyday comes up with new surprises. The batch of March 2012 was very different in it’s own way. Students came from all walks of life. The following blog post is on the ” life in ashram”.

We celebrate every festival with a lot of enthusiasm and bliss. Festivals are the days when we forget ourselves and our busy schedule to enjoy the game called LIFE.

Holi celebration


Ashram life isn’t just about studies and practicing yoga all the time. Students do get to visit the city and chill out in free time. The city provides a lot of attractions for you to visit.


Creativity is  the life blood of the ashram, students are encouraged to express their creative talents in any form they want. Some of them paint, some of them try their hands on gardening etc.


Time for some bhakti yoga. Everyday around 7 pm students participate in an event called bhakti yoga, where they forget all the stuff they did throughout the day and just remember the spiritual side of their soul.

And Finally, time to graduate  ( CONVOCATION CEREMONY).  The most joyful way to end the yogic journey…. or may be it’s just the beginning.


Have a nice day! Hari Om!
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Editor: Mahendra Kumar


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